Friday, November 5, 2010

Be a part of the International campaign to promote sexual rights in Muslim societies 09-Nov-2010

One Day One Struggle (9th November, 2010)
Be a part of the International campaign to promote sexual rights in Muslim societies

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One Day, One Struggle: An international campaign to promote sexual rights across muslim societies 09-Nov-2010

On 9 November 2009, a very diverse group of NGOs will stage bold actions in 11 countries to promote human rights. As part of the historic international campaign “One Day One Struggle” organized by the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR), over 20 organizations will hold simultaneous events and public demonstrations on topics like protesting customary practices such as honor killings, overturning discriminatory and life threatening laws like stoning or lashing of women, and calling for LGBT rights, the right to sexuality education and the right to bodily and sexual integrity of all people.
This year the World Population Foundation in collaboration with Kuch Khaas is stepping forth to celebrate this day in Pakistan and shout out for our rights through a unique theatrical performance. World Population Foundation is an international NGO that has been working in Pakistan since 1997 for the bodily rights of youth and women. They have made a significant headway for the promotion of these basic human rights in many districts across Pakistan.
On the 9th Nov 2010 WPF & Kuch Khaas will bring forth a theatrical performance, by young, energetic and extremely talented students that will depict the complexity and depth of problems faced, if the right information is not provided to everyone at the right time. A bold yet symbolic performance will be staged that will motivate and encourage the audience to take part in raising their voice for our rights and freedom. The performance will be followed by an interactive discussion where a panel will engage with the audience to answer any of their queries or gain insight from their ideas.