Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Don’t leave the action to Superheroes!

The World Needs YOU!

Gone are the days when young people would stand up for what they believe is right; when they would stand up against war, hunger and poverty. Free Love and Flower Power are relics of a distant past. And though there may still be a few youngsters out there, soldiering on in spite of daunting odds, the majority of the youth have lost the drive to affect positive change, and the self-belief to fight for what is right.

As a result, the global geo-political scene is hardly one to be proud of: war, hunger, environmental degradation and utter desperation is all that seems to stand out; pieces of broken lives lay scattered about like the debris from a demolished house.

What the world needs more than anything else is the characteristic integrity and verve of the youth. We need someone to challenge the hegemony of the current order; someone to liberate us from ourselves. We need YOU! No pressure, though.

So what’s stopping you from becoming the next Che Guevara? What’s stopping you from pushing the envelope, watching it bend? What’s stopping you for striving for a better future, a shared future full of equality and opportunity?

So let us all join hands and lay the foundations for a better tomorrow!

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